Self-Paced Lean Six Sigma certification from lean six sigma toolbox
Self-Paced Learning

The ability to complete Lean Six Sigma courses from your phone or computer means you can complete the training at your own speed and start getting results immediately

Lean Six Sigma Certification
Industry Recognized Certification

Lean Six Sigma Toolbox has been certifying individuals around the world since 2007. Lean Six Sigma Toolbox is recognized by companies like Plexus, Walmart, Consumer Reports, Liberty Safe, Morton Salt and other Fortune 500 companies in every industry.

Lean Six Sigma Toolbox Profits
Measurable Business Results

Getting a certification should not be the end goal but rather a means to achieving your goals. Lean Six Sigma Toolbox Green Belt graduates regularly save over $100,000 for their companies with their first project. Let's start improving your processes today.

"Cedro and the Lean Six Sigma Toolbox team use a very practical approach to Lean. Our first wave of Green Belts generate over a million dollars in savings."

- Frank Iacopelli

Need to train your entire team?

Lean Six Sigma Toolbox has helped organizations train multiple waves of Lean Six Sigma Yellow, Green, and Black Belts across multiple sites and continents.

Find out why companies like Morton Salt, Plexus, Consumer Reports, Blue Cross, Liberty Safe, and others trust Lean Six Sigma Toolbox to develop their workforce. Contact us and let's put a plan together that will increase your return on investment by developing continuous improvement skills across your business.